110李律阮雪芬Modular signature of long non-coding RNA association networks as a prognostic
biomarker in lung cancer
110李律阮雪芬LncTx: A network-based method to repurpose drugs acting on the survival-related IncRNAs in lung cancer
109黃秀剛黃念祖Bacteria encapsulation and rapid antibiotic susceptibility test using a microfluidic microwell device integrating surface-enhanced Raman scattering
109王珮驊曾宇鳳IntelliPatent: a web‑based intelligent system for fast chemical patent claim drafting
108黃振綜阮雪芬Therapeutic targeting of non-oncogene dependencies in high-risk neuroblastoma
107 林峰祺賴飛羆Identifying Unmet Treatment Needs for Patients With Osteoporotic Fracture Feasibility Study for an Electronic Clinical Surveillance System
108 黃舒鴻黃念祖An automated microfluidic DNA microarray platform for genetic variant detection in inherited arrhythmic diseases
106 趙珮妤李百祺Three-dimensional shear wave imaging based on full-field laser speckle contrast imaging with one-dimensional mechanical scanning
A large-area nanoplasmonic sensor fabricated by rapid-thermal annealing treatment for label-free and multi-point immunoglobulin sensing
105梁佑任趙坤茂 楊欣洲SMART:Statistical Metabolomics Analysis-An R Tool
Prognostic significance of NPM1 mutation-modulated microRNA-mRNA regulation in acute myeloid leukemia
 Effectiveness of Telemonitoring in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Taiwan-A Randomized Controlled Trial
An incremental double-layer capactitance of a planar nano gap and its application in cardiac-troponin T detection
105高于媝郭柏齡Elevated hydrostatic pressure enhances the motility and enlarges the size of the lung cancer cells through aquqporin upregulation mediated by caveolin-1 ERK1/2 signaling
Deregulated microRNAs in triple-negative breast cancer revealed by deep sequencing
104杜羿樞曾宇鳳Rule-Based Classification Models of Molecular Autofluorescence
MicroRNA-mediated networks underlie immune response regulation in papillary thyroid carcinoma
104張郁欣黃念祖Point Mutation Detection by Microfluidic DNA Microarray for Long QT Syndrome
103蘇璟瑋宋孔彬Investigation of Influences of the Paraformaldehyde Fixation and Paraffin Embedding Removal Process on Refractive indices and scattering Properties of Epithelial Cells
103許瑋真宋孔彬Tomographic Diffractive Microscopy of Living Cells Based on a Common-path Configuration
103陳俐瑾賴飛羆Evaluating Self-Management Behaviors of Diabetic Patients in a Telehealthcare Program: Longitudinal Study Over 18 Months
102郭天爵曾宇鳳3Omics: A web-based systems biology tool for analysis,integration and visualization of human transcriptomic, proteomicand metabolomic data
Distribution-based classification method for baseline correctionof metabolomic 1D proton nuclear magnetic resonance
Analysis of Protein-protein Interactions in Cross-talk PathwaysReveals CRKL Protein as a Novel Prognostic Marker inHepatacellular Carcinoma
Regulation of C2C12 Cells Migration with Dual Mechanical Cues
101杜羿樞曾宇鳳Predictive Toxicology Modeling: Protocols for Exploring hERG Classification and Tetrahymena pyriformis End Point Predictions
101林振慶歐陽彥正 阮雪芬Crosstalk between transcription factors and microRNAs in humanprotein interaction network
101曾意儒賴飛羆A Web-Based Multidurg-Resistant Organisms Surveillance andOutbreak Detection System with Rule-Based Classification and Clustering
100盧子彬莊曜宇非小細胞肺癌之非吸菸女性患者中發現之新生物標記 - SEMA5A
Identification of a Novel Biomarker SEMA5A for Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma in Non-Smoking Women
100林胤藏陳志宏Using high-Tc superconducting resonator for enhancement of diffusion tensor imaging
Structure-Based Lead Optimization with Synthetic Accessibility in Computer-Aided Drug Design