Laboratory Overview’s

Biomedical Electronics Group

E-beam and NanoDevice Lab. Kuan, Chieh-Hsiung Room 426,EE2
CMOS Biotechnology Lab. Lin, Chih-Ting Room450,EE2
IR Device Lab. Lee, Si-Chen Room451,EE2
Statistical Signal Processing Lab. Lee, Ju-Hong Room553,EE2
Intelligent and Precision Motion Control Lab. Chen, Yung-Yaw Room604,MingDa Building
Microarray  Lab. Chuang, Eric Y. Room701,MingDa Building
Bio-Optofluidic Systems Lab. Huang, Nien-Tsu Room702,MingDa Building
Biomedical Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging Lab. Sung, Kung-Bin Room703,MingDa Building
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Lab. Chung, Hsiao-Weni Room704,MingDa Building
Clinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging Lab. Wu, Wen-Chau Room704,MingDa Building
MRI/MEG Lab./ Magnetic Resonance Imaging Lab./Biomedical Molecular Imaging Core Lab. Chen, Jyh-Horng Room706,MingDa Building
Cell Behavior Lab. Kuo, Po-Ling Room707,MingDa Building
Ultrasonic Imaging Lab. Li, Pai-Chi Room731,MingDa Building
SOC VLSI-EDA Lab. Chen, Chung-Ping Room 405,Barry Lam Hall
Medical Micro Sensor and Systems Lab. Lin, Chii-Wann Room 526, YongLin Biomedical Engineering Hall
Lab of Brain Imaging and Modeling Lin, Fa-Hsuan Room 702,Jan Su Hall
Biomedical System Engineeing Lab. Wei,An-Chi Room 705,MingDa Building
Radiation Physics and Biology Lab. Cheng,Chia-Hsien NTUH
IBMS RM511 Pan-Chyr Yang NTUH
Laboratory Nai-Kuan Chou NTUH
Laboratory of Endothelial Cell Molecular Biology Hsinyu Lee Room 504,Life Science Building
Nano-Biophotonics Lab. Chi-Kuang Sun Room R406A,EE2

Bioinformatics Group

Digital cameras and computer vision Lab.  Fuh,Chiou-Shann Room328,CSIE Building
Medical Informatics Lab. Lai, Feipei Room346,CSIE Building
Algorithms and Computational Biology Lab. Chao, Kun-Mao Room432,CSIE Building
Computational Molecular Design and Metabolomics Lab. Tseng, Y.Jane Room404,CSIE Building
Algorithms Reserch Lab. Lu, Hsueh-I Room406,CSIE Building
Molecular Biomedical Informatics Lab. Oyang, Yen-Jen Room410,CSIE Building
Medical Image Processing Lab. Chang, Ruey-Feng Room402,CSIE Building
Merger Laboratory for Clinical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering and Industry Wei-Zen Sun NTUH
Systems Biology Lab. Juan, Hsueh-Fen Room1105,Life Science Building