Educational and Teaching Goals

Educational Goals

Cultivate the talent of biomedical engineering and science leaders, through an interdisciplinary team, life care and professional training; as well as creating a new field of Biomedical Engineering and Science, Application of Electrical Technology whose goal is to improve human health and quality of life.

Teaching Goals

  1. Teaching students interdisciplinary biomedical engineering and scientific theory
  2. Training students with the hardware, software, and data analysis expertise as well project planning and the integration of their skills
  3. Training students to explore, analyze, interpret, and deal with the problems of independent research and innovative thinking
  4. Training students to communicate through the use of a foreign language and their writing ability
  5. Training students to perform the knowledge and skills of a biomedical engineer
  6. Raising Student awareness of the obstacles preventing the development of Medicine and Health Sciences, and integration of interdisciplinary knowledge
  7. Cultivating students’ team spirit, leadership and management capabilities
  8. Improving the students’ personality, culture of life and understanding of the importance of professional ethics